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Admission to the school is through the Special Educational Needs and Disability Team

Their contact details are:

Telephone  :   01484 221000 

E-Mail           :   sendact@kirklees.gov.uk


Online Help:

Kirklees Local Offer:                                              Kirklees Special School Local Offer

Applying for a place for a child with SEND:      SEND application guidance


Woodley School criteria 5-16

Woodley School is a special school for Autistic Children.  Our aim is to provide a specialist education environment for children and young people who are not able to access a supported place in a mainstream school or other special school,  despite having received comprehensive ASC provision and support within their previous setting.

Pupils who attend Woodley will have an EHCP/Statement of SEND with their main needs identified as being consistent with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder with a high level of severity.   It is likely that pupils may also have additional needs associated with the diagnosis, e.g. epilepsy, mental health difficulties, ADHD, motor coordination problems, specific language impairment and sensory processing disorders.

Pupils attending Woodley will meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Extreme difficulties with self-management and self-regulation
  • Extreme difficulty with social interactions
  • Extremely high levels of anxiety
  • Extreme inflexibility and rigidity of thought
  • Extreme difficulties with sensory processing

These difficulties are present to the extent that children cannot access any other provision within Kirklees.

Pupils within Woodley will require a highly personalised programme of support, which is specific to their Autism, focusing upon: personal and social development; social communication; self-regulation and management; basic skills; self-care and activities of daily living.  Students will require this to be delivered within the context of a low arousal environment.   Woodley School has an intensive support team which includes an educational psychologist, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist.   This team works closely with our appropriately trained specialist teaching and support staff to ensure students receive an integrated package of support.

Pupils are set aspirational and challenging academic and personal targets in order to help them overcome their extreme barriers to learning.  This is to prepare our students for adulthood, aiming for them to become as independent as possible.  Many students at Woodley will be able to access subjects in the national curriculum at a high level.  Woodley School have developed close links with other schools to ensure that our pupils receive learning provision most appropriate to their needs.  Where possible, students will be encouraged to attend GCSE courses at other settings in addition to receiving tuition from subject teachers at Woodley.


Woodley College criteria 16-19


Woodley post 16 provision is designed for young people who are not yet ready or able to attend a mainstream supported college course or other special school post 16 provision in Kirklees. The young people will already have access highly specialist ASD provision pre-16. 

Woodley post 16 provision will work very closely with our specialist post 16 providers to ensure that young people with ASD receive provision most appropriate to their needs.

Students will have an EHCP/Statement with their main needs identified as being consistent with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. it is likely that student may also have additional needs associated with the diagnosis such as challenging behaviour, social and emotional needs and high levels of anxiety. Students will also have other diagnoses such as learning disability, epilepsy, ADHD.


Student within the Woodley provision will require an individually tailored programme of education focussing upon: independent living, independent travel, basic skills, work-related learning, and personal and social development. 

The post 16 provision at Woodley provides day placement for students working from e.g. P4 up to Entry level.

The young person's destination after Woodley will be a highly structured and supported learning environment.


Young people attending Woodley College will meet some or all of the following criteria: 


  • Are likely to have extreme difficulties with self-management and self-regulation
  • Severe difficulty with social interactions
  • Severe difficulties with literal interpretation 
  • Severe difficulties with inference and social use of language 
  • Serve difficulties with sensory triggers 
  • Rigid thought process and routines


If you contact school 01484 223937 we will be happy to help you.