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  2. Parent/Carer Meetings

Parent/Carer meetings

We welcome parents/carers to be a more inclusive part of their child’s school life.


There are many ways you can speak and communicate with staff in school and have your voice heard.


Digital communication


An easy way to communicate at any time with the school is using one of our digital methods.

  • You can use the digital porthole ‘E-portfolio’ which communicates directly with your child’s class teacher
  • You have your child’s class teachers email address
  • You can e-mail the office using office@woodleyschool.org.uk if you want to talk to a more senior staff member
  • You can also contact the school through the website using the ‘Parent Communication’ section
  • We can also hold ‘Teams’ meetings outside teaching hours if preferred


Telephone Communication


Its always better to talk in person, but getting to school can be difficult for some parent/carers. A telephone call to the office with the name of the person, or role, you would like to speak to, the reason you would like to talk to someone and a convenient time outside teaching hours will ensure someone will call you back and be able to help.

The school number is:    01484 223937


Physical meetings


We are always happy to have physical meetings with parents/carers. However, these are not always easy to organise at short notice.

If you can identify which role or person you would like to have a meeting with and contact them directly, if you have their contact details, or through the office, we can organise the meeting for you.


Hierarchy of meetings


We would ask parents to follow the hierarchy of meetings for any education based meetings, if after your meeting you would like to discuss your thoughts with a more senior staff member then please follow this path:


  • 1st point of call
  • Class teacher – Most general inquiries
  • 2nd Point of call
  • Wider Leadership Team staff member – Pastoral, Curriculum or progress based meetings
  • Final point of call
  • Senior Leadership Team – Once all other avenues have been followed or it is too significant for any other staff to manage


Contact our SENCO for a meeting if you feel there are any special learning needs not currently being met:



Contact the Home School Liaison Lead for all other inquiries at:



If you have any Safeguarding concerns then please follow our safeguarding procedure or contact our senior Designated Safeguarding Lead immediately at: