Woodley School and College

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  1. Curriculum
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  3. English - Reading



We expect that our pupils are immersed in a reading culture.  

We use our phonics scheme to teach systematic phonics and reading. A child’s reading book is matched to their phonics level through Twinkl phonics.  

We enhance this using a whole word approach with additional symbols, as many of our children are non-verbal and use the picture exchange communication system (PECS) as a tool to develop their communication.   

In addition to this we use a wide range of reading materials to engage and encourage our pupils with content that is meaningful to our pupils. This may include posters, leaflets and magazines of specific interest to pupil. We make selective use of published non- fiction and fiction books, which is carefully chosen for quality.  

We also make our own personalised resources such as photo books, class books, sensory books, use of the immersive space, story sacks and social stories so that reading matter can be tailored to suit individual interests and level of development. We may also adapt published material as appropriate in order to make it more accessible to our pupils. 

Staff will often write a bespoke social story to support a child with a difficulty they are having. These will be shared with the pupil on a 1:1 basis.  

Wider Reading Strategy 

As well as having daily phonics lessons and using a book-based approach to our English curriculum, we are committed to embedding our wider reading strategy. 

We intend to:  

  • Continue to develop phonics 
  • Share books whenever we can 
  • Use reading to support parental engagement 
  • Engage in reading events 
  • Continue to search for quality and diverse texts  

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