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School Careers

Purpose of Careers Guidance

We recognise that effective careers guidance contributes to raising aspirations, improving motivation and overcoming barriers to success.  Our school and college has a critical role to play in preparing our young people for the next stage of their lives. Our expectations are high, so that every student is challenged appropriately and acquires the knowledge, skills and attitudes to reach their full potential.

Careers Skills

We recognise the importance of developing the careers skills of our young people through our provision for Careers Guidance. We believe that young people need career skills to manage themselves, the communities and the wider society of which they are a part of. The school’s careers provision, therefore, needs to help students to develop their self-efficacy, raise their aspirations, become more adaptable and resilient, make decisions and transitions as well as being more enterprising.

Whilst learning about careers and options after Woodley is important for our students it also gives them the opportunity to develop many more skills. Some of these include-

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills
  2. Problem solving skills
  3. Using your initiative and being self-motivated
  4. Organisational skills
  5. Working under pressure and to deadlines
  6. Working in a team
  7. Ability to learn and adapt
  8. Numeracy
  9. Valuing diversity and difference
  10. Negotiation Skills



The careers programme is designed to meet the needs of students in Woodley School and College. It is differentiated and adapted within the four Pathways to ensure it is appropriate and relevant to each individual.

Careers is delivered across the curriculum in the Explore, Recognition, Discovery and Investigation pathway to develop pupils’ ability to care for their own needs, to be able to access the community, to work cooperatively with others, to make choices, to make decisions and to keep themselves safe.

Some of the activities that our pupils will access are below-

  • Workplace visits and work experience placements
  • Work ‘taster’ events such as games and competitions through drop down days
  • Careers fairs and career networking events
  • Access to creative online resources and labour market intelligence
  • Help with basic career management skills like CV writing, CV building, college applications
  • Where appropriate pupils will attend the annual event ‘Preparing for adulthood – local offer live event’ organised by Kirklees Council to showcase the ‘Local Offer’.

Career learning outcomes are assessed in Year 11 through AQA Unit Awards.

At Woodley School and College we have an annual Careers Focus Week for all students in all year groups.  This is delivered in conjunction with school staff and outside agencies.  The topics covered are age appropriate to the year group.  In addition, all subjects in school identify careers education elements and include these in lesson planning.

If you need more information about the careers programme you can contact the Careers Leader.

Careers Leader- Rosie Thorley

Email- rosie.thorley@woodleyschool.org.uk

Phone number- 01484223937

Our School Careers Adviser is Katherine Jones