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Our iPads

Each student has their own personalised ipad to help support their education and ultimately improve their overall quality of life.

There are a number of apps listed below that are used across school to help develop students' understanding of the Woodley Curriculum.

Computing Cause and Effect Apps:

CBeebies Playtime Island 

A number of activities and games based on CBeebies shows.

Fireworks Arcade 

Tap the screen to explode a firework.


Abstract patterns that change colour automatically

Fun Bubbles Lite

Create a bubble by holding your finger on the screen, tap to burst them.

I Hear Ewe

Touch the animals and transport to hear the noise they make.

Cause and Effect Sensory Lightbox* (£)
Cause and Effect Sensory Soundbox* (£)   

Each app contains 18 cause and effect activities with visuals and sound.

Little Town: Toddler’s Seek & Find Activity Book (£)

Explore what happens in different parts of the town

Let’s Play with Trains

Draw a line with your finger and it turns into a train track, with a train travelling on it.


Choose an action for Pogg to do, e.g. swim, play piano, run. The free 'Lite' version has limited number of actions.

Wa Kingyo LE – Goldfish Pond

Simple pond, interact with the fish, add flowers and water sounds