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There is regular input from a team of Therapists in Woodley School and College. Some services such as PBS and Speech and Language Therapy are based on site full time. Others have scheduled time to consult with staff, provide recommendations and deliver Specialist intervention where indicated.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy, where the main mode of communication is through the art form. Art making can help pupils with fine motor skills, build the therapeutic relationship and help with social interaction. It can also help with confidence and self-esteem building, and promote a sense of achievement in what they create. They can learn new skills through working with different art mediums such as clay which can support emotional regulation. Pupils learn more about themselves in the process and learn to adapt. For example, some students don't like the wet clay on their bare hands but using gloves makes it possible. For more information, look at: https://baat.org/.

Educational Psychology

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Music Therapy

Music Therapy supports pupils to explore and connect with the world and express themselves. It helps to develop a pupil’s communication skills, confidence, social interactions, concentration, behaviour and emotional regulation. Central to how Music Therapy works is the therapeutic relationship that is established and developed through engagement in live musical interaction and play between a therapist and client. A wide range of musical styles and instruments can be used, including the voice, and the music is often improvised. Some classes in school have music sessions through the year. More information can be found on: www.nordoff-robbins.org.uk and British Association for Music Therapy :: What is Music Therapy? (bamt.org).

Positive Behaviour Support Team (PBS)

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions can use behaviours of concern to get their needs met and this may be challenging for them and their families. Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a values-based approach, using the science of behaviour to support these needs. The new PBS team work with staff and pupils to increase quality of life, and engagement in learning, so that behaviours of concern may reduce as a by-product. For more information, look at the PBS section of the Woodley website.

Sensory Occupational Therapy

The Sensory Occupational Therapy team works with students whose sensory needs affect their regulation and make it harder for them to access learning in school. Sensory needs can also cause motor skill and coordination difficulties. We support students who experience challenges with everyday tasks due to their sensory or motor needs.

The Sensory team work closely with school staff to ensure they have the skills they need to recognise and support students with a wide range of sensory needs. We may suggest adaptations to the school environment or put bespoke strategies in place to meet sensory needs. For more information, you can look on the Locala website: https://www.locala.org.uk/services/sensory-occupational-therapy-service

Speech and Language Therapy

Everyone has the right to understand and be understood in all aspects of their life. Speech and Language Therapists support the team around a child in a total communication approach, where all forms of communication are valued and listened to. Examples are gestures, signing systems like Makaton, or pointing to pictures. Our aim is for all pupils to have an effective, functional way to communicate which will improve their Quality of Life, increase their communication functions and provide further opportunities for social communication. This will support their independence and optimise their potential for wider achievements.  information can be found at:  Home | RCSLT.

Woodley School Speech and Language Team
Woodley School Speech and Language Team