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Autism Education Trust Courses Available at Woodley School

Making Sense of Autism. Schools and Post 16. 

Dates: Flexible to suit  

Duration: 90 mins 

Cost: Free

Course location: Online

About: This is a raising awareness module for anyone working in schools. It provides a basic introduction to Autism and is a good entry level course. 

The course will explain how autism can affect pupils in schools. It will increase personal expertise in identifying pupils' individual strength and differences and how these might impact on learning. 

We can offer this course to individual schools and staff teams at a time and place convenient to you please contact training@woodleyschool.org.uk.  

Link to more information: (schools) https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/training-content/schools-making-sense-autism  

(Post 16) https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/training-content/post-16-making-sense-autism  

Good Autism Practice. Schools and Post 16. 

Dates: Schools: 9.30-12.30 12/10/23 & 19/10/23  

 Post-16:   9.30-12.30  9/11/23 & 16/11/23  

Length of course: 2 x 3 hour sessions run over 2 days. 

Cost: £150pp 

Course delivery: Face to Face. Venue TBC 

About: This is a module for practitioners who work directly with autistic children in school/college settings, and it provides guidance on processes and tools that can help practitioners to implement good autism practice. 

The course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of practical strategies that will support autistic pupils. It will look at collecting information to produce a person-centred Education Plan and how to involve pupils and their families in decisions. 

Link to more information: (Schools) https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/training-content/schools-good-autism-practice  

(Post 16) https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/training-content/post-16-good-autism-practice  

Booking Link:      

Schools Booking link click here       Post 16 Booking click here 

Understanding Anxiety Module. Schools and Post 16. 

Dates: Schools: 13/10/23

 Post: 16 20/10/23 

Length of course: 3 hours 

Cost: £80pp

Course delivery: Face to face. Venue TBC 

About: This is a module for anybody working with children/young people with Autism. It aims to help you understand how pupils may express anxiety, help you identify what can cause anxiety and how to reduces those anxieties. 

Link to more information: https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/training-content/anxiety-module  

Booking Link: 

Schools Booking click here             Post 16 Booking click here 

Transition to Employment Post 16. 

Date: 24/11/23 

Length of course: 3 Hours 

Cost: £80pp 

Course delivery: Face to face. Venue TBC 

 About: You will learn about the strengths, talents and skillsets of autistic people. The module also covers interview and selection practices and reasonable adjustments that can be beneficial for autistic people seeking employment.  This module looks specifically at the section for employers and provides editable templates such as a One Page Profile and Traveling to the Interview and Workplace. These templates can be used by the employer themselves, or in collaboration with an autistic young person and a post-16 careers and employability professional. 

Link to more information: https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/training-content/transition-employment-module  


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Transition into Employment

Leadership, Inclusion and Structural Reasonable Adjustments.  


Dates: Schools: 30/11/23 & 25/01/24

             Post 16: 22/2/24 & 21/3/24   

Length of course: 2x3 hour session run over 2 days. The dates are spread out to allow time for reflection on current practice. Follow up advice and support may also be available depending on individual arrangements.  

Cost: £190pp 

Course delivery: Face to face. Venue TBC 

About: This module will help leaders to understand what is needed to fully embed an inclusive culture. It looks at education legislation and guidance surrounding inclusion, the steps required to lead culture change and the importance of considering structural reasonable adjustments and AET resources to support leaders with this. 

Link to more information: https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/training-content/leadership-inclusion-structural-reasonable-adjustments  

Booking Link. 

Schools booking click here          Post-16 Booking click here  

Transitions. Schools and Post 16. 

Dates: TBC  

Length of course: 3 hours 

Cost: £80pp 

Course delivery: Face to face. Venue TBC 

This course is currently under development - more information will be available soon.  

You can register your interest using this email address: training@woodleyschool.org.uk